Whether you are starting up a brand new small business or are running an existing business, there is always a need to find more new customers or followers on social media. Here is our helpful guide on how to get more customers, leads, sales and followers for your small business.

Have a professional brand identity

As a small business you have 7 seconds to make a good first impression among customers. A professionally designed logo will get you off to the perfect start, not having a smart logo is a bad start for any small business and will not give you much credibility. If you require any logos or images designing, head over to the bottom of the article to get in touch with.

Have a website presence

A website firstly shows you’re a serious business. It builds trust and credibility that you are a legitimate business. It allows you to be more easily contacted, you can have your phone number, email and even a form added to your site so you can be contacted by potential customers. For more benefits visit our latest website blog post here. A website can be built by us for just a few hundred pounds, our contact details for designing a website for your business can be found below.

Add your website to Google

Home to over 5.6 billion customer searches per day, Google is the world’s biggest search engine and your biggest opportunity for your website to get seen by future new customers. We can add your website to Google by adding it to a platform called Google Search Console, this platform gets Google to start discovering your site straightaway. Bing is also a search engine which you should get your business added to, to expose yourself to further website traffic. Bing accounts for around 10% of all search and is generally an older demographic of people. If your business is targeting an older group of people – this could be your desired search engine to work on.

Did you know? 97% of customers go online to research businesses. So if you haven’t got a website, how will customers find you?

Advertise your business

Social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram allow you to advertise on their platform. There is no minimum spend. So you can spend as little as £5 to start generating new business through social media ads. Alternatively we can operate the social media advertising on your behalf.

Run a social media giveaway

Running a social media giveaway on Instagram or Facebook will help to bring along new customers and followers. Giving something back to your local community is a great way to build an engaged brand. All you need to do is think of an enticing prize for your customers. We can help run your giveaway campaigns should you so wish.

Keep customers engaged on social media

Social media is actively used by the majority now. It’s often the first and last thing we look at throughout the day. Having a presence on social media is now more important than ever. All it takes is to simply create an account, images and text. We can assist here too.

Hand out business cards

The tried and tested, old-fashioned method. If you haven’t already got a business card, we suggest you get some printed. Many sites offer these services for as little as £15 for a few hundred business cards. If you need assistance or pointing in the right direction, we can help you.

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