As a small business owner it is critical you have a website in order to become successful. If you are still not convinced, read our handy guide as to how a website will help grow your small business!

Get seen on Google

With over 5.6 billion searches per day, Google is the world’s biggest search engine and your biggest opportunity to get your website seen by future new customers.

Did you know? 97% of customers go online to research businesses. So if you haven’t got a website, how will customers find you?

Reach a wider audience

Most small businesses rely on word of mouth from friends and family to keep their business ticking along, but a website opens up further doors for your business. It allows you to cast your net even wider and enables you to be seen by even more potential customers.

Get In Touch

Most businesses rely on traditional methods such as mobile numbers or business cards. These are very limited. Why? Well a business owner can not always answer the phone. A business card only offers basic contact details.

What do you do?

A website allows you to showcase what you do, the services you offer and the prices you charge. It allows customers to explore your business and make an informed decision about your business. A website is a place for you to have your email and phone number visible and allows you to insert contact forms for customers to fill out.

Credibility and Trust

A website shows you mean business. It gives you a professional edge over your competitors. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes. Before you use a business, you want to know if they are good at what they do. A website gives you a space to show off reviews from all your happy customers and somewhere to show off images or videos of your best work.

Did You Know?  90% of people think a website makes your business more credible and 30% of people wouldn't consider a business if it didn't have a website.

Booking or Appointments?

A website gives you a space for your customers to make bookings with you. Perfect if you are a tradesmen, restaurant owner or hairdresser.

It doesn’t cost much neither, we offer websites starting from only £299

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